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This page explains how the HEY LEP will make robust decisions and operate in a transparent way as we begin operations.

Hull & East Yorkshire LEP – Interim Assurance Framework


The Hull & East Yorkshire LEP (HEY LEP) is a new LEP commencing 1 April 2021, taking over responsibility from the Humber LEP in Hull and the East Riding of Yorkshire.

This document sets out interim arrangements for governance and assurance in HEY LEP, drawing on the established good practices and processes in the Humber LEP that were designed to be fully compliant with the National Local Growth Assurance Framework[1].  It should be read in conjunction with the Humber LEP Assurance Framework[2] and the national framework. They HEY LEP Assurance Framework will be completed by the end of July 2021.

Once the HEY LEP Board is in place and decisions have been made on how the LEP will be structured and operate, this document will be replaced by a new Assurance Framework for HEY LEP.  These interim arrangements are designed to ensure that HEY LEP can start as a fully compliant organisation and that delivery of work started under the Humber LEP can continue uninterrupted.

HEY LEP Chair and Deputy Chair

HEY LEP has an independent private sector Chair and Deputy Chair who were recruited through an open and transparent process that included consultation with the local business community.  The Humber LEP Assurance Framework and advert for both roles both provide a guide to their expected roles.


HEY LEP will be governed by a Board, comprising business leaders, the Leaders of Hull City Council and East Riding of Yorkshire Council and other key stakeholders in the region’s economy.  The Board will be compliant with Government requirements on size, private sector composition and gender representation, as set out in the national framework.

The Board is being recruited through an open and transparent process.

The Humber LEP Assurance Framework provides a guide to the role of the HEY LEP Board.  Formal terms of reference will be agreed in due course.


The HEY LEP Board will establish a number of sub-boards and other groups as it requires to deliver its work:

  • Employment and Skills Board
  • Business Support Board
  • Infrastructure Board
  • Innovation and Transformation Board

As an interim measure, to ensure continuity of business, HEY LEP will adopt the following former Humber LEP sub-groups:

  • Employment & Skills Board and associated working groups to ensure compliance with DfE Skills Advisory Panel requirements
  • Investment Panel to ensure delivery of the Growing Hull & East Yorkshire and Business Loan Fund programmes established under the Humber LEP can continue uninterrupted

The Employment & Skills Board and Investment Panel will report to the HEY LEP Board and be guided by their former Humber LEP terms of reference until the HEY LEP structure is developed.


Decisions will be made by the HEY LEP Board with a simple majority vote where a vote is required.

Several former Humber LEP programmes will be inherited by HEY LEP.  These are described in detail in the Humber LEP Assurance Framework, including the relevant processes for agreeing projects.

Until the HEY LEP Assurance Framework is developed, HEY LEP will follow former Humber LEP processes in governing these programmes, with the HEY LEP Board taking the place of the Humber LEP Board and sub-boards. In addition, the Hull and East Riding Unitary Leaders Board will take the place of the Humber Leadership Board and the HEY LEP Chief Operating Officer will take the place of former Humber LEP senior officers.  The Investment Panel will continue to have delegated decision-making authority for business grants and will make recommendations on loans to the HEY LEP Board.

Policies and procedures

HEY LEP will adopt all former Humber LEP policies and procedures[3] as set out in the Humber LEP Assurance Framework, with the exception of the Scheme of Delegation.  These include:

  • Feedback and Complaints Policy
  • Conflicts of Interest Policy
  • Data Protection Policy
  • Equality and Diversity Policy
  • Freedom of Information Policy
  • Member Code of Conduct
  • Whistleblowing Policy

These policies will apply to all Board, sub-board and other members involved in HEY LEP’s work until such a time as HEY LEP replaces them with policies of its own.  Where applicable, the responsibilities of former senior officers in the Humber LEP are passed to the Chief Operating Officer of HEY LEP.

Accountable body

The accountable body for HEY LEP will be Hull City Council.

Assurance Framework

Read more on the national assurance framework here.

Read more about our assurance framework and policies below:

The LEP’s Assurance Framework, produced in accordance with the National Assurance Framework for LEPs.

There are a number of policies that support the work of the HEY LEP and its boards to ensure fairness...