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Did you know that 40%of the Humber’s working population is aged 50+

SME policies/HR

Link to the federation of Small Businesses where you can find membership options and their host of member benefits.

Active Humber Employee toolkit

This toolkit contains tips and tools employers can use to support the health and wellbeing of employees through physical activity.

Support for carers

Educating employers on the older workforce and their care responsibilities and how this could be balanced within their workplace.

Food for thought…

In 2014/15, over 55,700 of those starting an apprenticeship were aged 45 to 59. A further 3,400 were aged over 60.

The number of people aged 50 to State Pension age in Britain is expected to rise by 3.2 million between that period and 2024, whilst the number aged 16 to 49 will have reduced by 200,000.

Find out more about hiring apprentices here


Organisations to help you locally

CIPD: A guide to becoming a carer-friendly workplace

This guide was written by Claire McCartney, Senior Resourcing and Inclusion Adviser at the CIPD.

CIPD: How to support your older workers

As older workers are the workforce of the future, this is a trend that cannot be ignored by employers. But what does it mean in your place of work? Can you, the employer, assume that current ways of working – which are, by and large, impervious to age – still apply?

Active Humber: Active Employee Toolkit launched by Sport England

The Active Employee Toolkit contains tips and tools employers can use to  support the health and wellbeing of employees through physical activity.