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The Careers and Enterprise Company has recently published a comprehensive report which presents trends in careers education over the past two years. It is focused on areas relevant to current debates and where there has been substantial change since before the pandemic.  The research is based on Careers Leaders’ evaluation of careers provision in 3,893 state-funded schools and colleges and wider research published over the past year.

The identified trends are:

  • Careers education became more prominent in the curriculum last year
  • Innovation helped young people to engage with employers despite the impact of the pandemic
  • There was information about apprenticeships in the education system, but there is work to do to convert interest to uptake
  • There was an increased focus on individuals and their context through personal guidance, links to the labour market and digital tools
  • Training and local collaboration led to increased progress
  • New evidence shows that improving careers provision leads to better outcomes for young people

The report in full can be downloaded here