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Board Terms of Reference


The Hull and East Yorkshire Local Enterprise Partnership (HEY LEP) is a private sector led partnership that works closely with national and local government. The focus of the Board is to promote and develop the economic region of Hull and East Riding of Yorkshire, by providing strategic leadership to support economic growth and well-being, maximising the natural assets of its geography, sector strengths and people skills.

 Responsibilities and duties

  1. To promote the development of a competitive, vibrant and supportive business and community environment, creating the right climate for businesses to innovate and grow and creating jobs for the benefit of the local community.
  2. To drive the region’s recovery from economic shocks, anticipating the need for intervention and support.
  3. To identify, create and respond to opportunities that arise from government and other initiatives to support economic development.
  4. As a private sector led organisation, using its convening ability and independence to bring the right stakeholders together, when required. This will include responding to and lobbying government and others on matters that will benefit the economy of the region
  5. To work with the private sector and local authority partners in support of a potential Mayoral Combined Authority and to contribute to and support a positive Devolution Deal.
  6. To develop the Hull and East Yorkshire LEP Economic Strategy, ensuring alignment with the economic plans of both the Hull and East Riding Councils.
  7. To develop and oversee the delivery of the Hull and East Yorkshire Employment and Skills Strategy to ensure that local people have the ability to compete for jobs, by supporting education and employment and skills developments in key sectors that are critical to the growth of the economy.
  8. To promote Hull and East Yorkshire as a prime location for inward investment and international trade.
  9. To influence and determine the support for inward investment into the Hull and East Yorkshire Enterprise Zones, reporting outcomes and outputs to government.
  10. To support public and private sector activity in Hull and East Yorkshire’s key growth sectors, to increase the region’s competiveness and to maximise its natural assets. Those key sectors have been identified as:
  • Manufacturing, engineering and assembly
  • Chemicals
  • Carbon reduction technologies
  • Renewable and clean energy generation
  • Agriculture, including intensive farming, horticulture and fishing
  • Food and drink production
  • Health technologies, pharmaceuticals and healthcare
  • Construction
  • International trade, ports and logistics
  • Knowledge and digital economy, including creative industries
  • Tourism, hospitality and culture.
  1. To further build on the established business support services, e.g. the Growth Hub, to ensure that established local and potential future businesses receive the right support and advice to sustain, develop and grow their businesses.
  2. To advise the Humber Leadership Board on matters where a Humber wide strategic approach is appropriate, e.g. infrastructure that is linked to economic growth, including decarbonisation and clean energy, estuary matters, Freeports and the investment and marketing of the Humber region.


 The Board will be managed via high standards of governance, which can be accessed via this link Assurance Framework » HEY LEP – Hull and East Yorkshire

Frequency of meetings

 The Board will normally meet bi-monthly at dates to be agreed by the Chair with Board members.

  1. The Chair may call meetings giving 7 days’ notice, if circumstances require members to meet or decisions need to be taken in between normal Board meetings.
  2. The meetings may take place physically or virtually as circumstances determine.

Quorum for meetings

  A quorum for meetings will be at least 50%of the current membership but must include the Chair or Deputy Chair.

Decision making

  1. All decisions by the Board will be in accordance with the New National Assurance Framework).
  2. All decisions will be made by a simple majority of those present at the meeting. In the event of a tie, the Chair’s vote will decide.

Information provided to the Board

  1. All information will be provided and available in line with the New National Assurance Framework
  2. All papers for consideration by the Board should be available for the Board at least 5 days before the meeting.
  3. The agenda should contain the items for discussion and decision. The Chair may agree to include additional items on the agenda under any other business, provided he has at least 24 hours’ notice.