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East Riding College aims to create a prestigious and unique Institute of Technology Centre in the East Riding of Yorkshire as part of a wider collaborative project with Colleges, Universities and employers in the local region. The Centre will deliver a high quality curricula in a bespoke facility to replicate employer requirements.

The College plans to recruit an additional 532 learners on Engineering specific programmes over the next 5 years, primarily targeted at levels 3, 4 and 5 but offering a progression route to those on level 1/2 programmes and individuals aiming to progress externally to levels 6/7.  The provision is demand led, and aligned to LEP sector priorities.

Yorkshire and the Humber is a significant area of the Northern Powerhouse, spanning an area of over 10,700 km², encompassing rural, coastal and areas of rich urban industry.

The area is a diverse socio-economic constitution, comprising districts with the poorest educational attainment in England, with qualification levels significantly below the national average. 33% of residents in Yorkshire/Humber achieve a L4 qualification or above, 5.4% below the national average. This widens further between Yorkshire/Humber and other urban areas for GCSE performance. 63% of Yorkshire/Humber school leavers achieved five A*-C grades compared with 70% in London. Without significant intervention to provide progression through to level 3 and higher levels, the regions performance will continue to widen.

Project Dates

November 1, 2019 - July 23, 2021

Project Sponsor

East Riding College


East Riding College, Armstrong Way, Beverley, HU17 0GH.


Profiled Achieved overall – up to end of Q4 20/21
LGF Spend £   469,000.00 £  469,000.00
Public Spend (ESFA/Apprenticeship Income) £   970,402.00 £  253,000.00
Public Spend (Institute of Technology – IOT) £1,117,146.00 £  273,923.00
Private Spend (East Riding College) £   517,690.00 £  128,904.00


  Profiled Achieved overall – up to end of Q4 20/21
New jobs 52 0
Safeguarded jobs 10 0
Apprenticeships created 224 0
Completed new build training/learning floor space (m2) 525 0
Level 2 qualifications 95 0
Level 3 qualifications 61 0
Level 4 qualifications 17 0
Level 5+ qualifications 221 0
16-18 Intermediate Apprenticeships 110 0
16-18 Advanced Apprenticeships 41 0
16-18 Higher Apprenticeships 89 0
Traineeships 81 0

Approval Status

Business case approved

Delivery Status


Last updated: September 9, 2021

All locations are approximate.

A skilled and productive workforce
A skilled and productive workforce
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