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Brough Relief Road (BRR) is an essential piece of infrastructure that links the new Brough South Development with the western side of Brough while also providing a new access for the Humber Enterprise Park (HEP) Enterprise Zone site.


This is the last piece of the infrastructure jigsaw that will create 0.7 km of new public highway and unlock 85 ha of employment land (35 ha of which has EZ status), creating 800 new jobs and accelerating the delivery of 550 housing units, 17,243m² of commercial space (A & B class uses), 4,088m² of community space (D1 & D2 uses) and improved public realm. It will also reduce HGV and other traffic through Brough Town Centre.

‘Brough South’ led by the Horncastle Group and HEP led by Citivale are two employment related projects that have the potential to transform the growing town of Brough and make a significant contribution to the local and regional economy. To date the developments have been progressed in isolation but share a common infrastructure constraint which is access.



Project Dates

May 15, 2019 - October 31, 2021

Project Sponsor

East Riding of Yorkshire Council


The scheme is located to the south east of the town of Brough in the East Riding of Yorkshire within the former Brough Aerodrome site on land controlled by Horncastle Group as part of the wider Brough South mixed use development and Citivale as part of the Humber Enterprise Park Enterprise Zone site. The project area is linear and extends for approximately 0.8 km in a roughly east-west direction from approximate National Grid Reference (NGR) SE941 262 at the western extent to NGR SE948 261 at the eastern extent. The closest postcode to the site is HU15 1ER.


Profiled Achieved overall – up to end of Q4 20/21
LGF Spend £3,260,943.00 £1,810,318.88
Public Spend £1,630,471.00 £0
Private Spend £1,630,471.00 £0


  Profiled Achieved overall – up to end of Q4 20/21
New Jobs 600 0
Construction Jobs 50 50
Housing units started 550 0
Housing units completed 550 0
Number of homes with improved broadband 550 0
New Roads (Km) 0.7 0
New cycleways completed and open for public use (Km) 0.7 0
Area of land reclaimed/redeveloped or reassembled (ha) 85 0
Commercial floor space created (m²) 17,243 0
Commercial floor space occupied (m²) 17,243 0

Approval Status

Business case approved

Delivery Status


Last updated: September 9, 2021

All locations are approximate.