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Hull’s housing-led renewal programme is very well established and incorporates a range of private, community sector and registered provider (RP) partners, which ensures that it is best placed to deliver transformation of the housing market in Hull. Following the success of previous phases of the programme, a large pipeline of sites has been identified to unlock delivery of both new build housing and schemes to refurbish housing post-2018.

Aligning with national priorities the greatest opportunity of the programme is through new build sites where up to 1,000 homes for open market sale and affordable rent will be un-locked for development through investment in flood mitigation, site remediation and tackling adverse ground conditions. The empty homes programme will continue its momentum and will address a further 100 empty properties. The 100 homes represents a significant number of the more challenging and persistent empties in the city.  The private sector renewal programme will deliver frontage improvements and energy efficiency improvements in prioritised areas.  This would deliver  approx.700 direct jobs, 1,000 indirect jobs and more than 100 apprenticeships over the lifetime of the programme.

Project Dates

September 1, 2018 - March 31, 2029

Project Sponsor

Hull City Council


Across the City of Hull, HU1 – HU9


Profiled Achieved overall – up to end of Q2 22/23
LGF Spend £  4,000,000.00 £ 4,000,000.00
Public Spend £40,787,850.00 £22,192,597.00


  Profiled Achieved overall – up to end of Q2 22/23
New apprenticeships    135     94
Construction jobs    906 1,731
Housing units started 1,437 1,375
Housing units completed 1,437    940
Affordable rented homes   399    221
New dwellings completed by  Council Tax Band A   100    356
New dwellings completed by Council Tax Band B   856    363
New dwellings completed by Council Tax Band C   144    149
New dwellings completed by not yet analysed   337    360
Resurfaced roads (Km)      1.52       4.83
New roads      0.2     22.038
Level 2 qualifications completed   110     89
Level 3 qualifications completed     27     47
Area of land reclaimed/redeveloped or reassembled (ha)     37.5     27.05



Approval Status

Business case approved

Delivery Status


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Last updated: February 15, 2024

All locations are approximate.

An infrastructure that supports growth
An infrastructure that supports growth
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