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Direct intervention to draw investment, bring retail and office space back into use, and attract businesses, visitors and residents into Hull’s historic Old Town. Investment will be centred on revitalisation of Trinity Indoor Market and the surrounding public spaces, whilst making the most of the Old Town’s rich history and architecture.


The overall vision is the rebirth of the Old Town as an area of thriving café bars, visitor attractions restaurants and independent retailers, and for the area to become a strong economic presence to the East of the City Centre and to play a strong role at the heart of the City of Culture 2017 celebrations.

CASE STUDY – Repurposing the Old Town  PHOTOS – Repurposing the Old Town

Project Dates

October 1, 2015 - March 31, 2018

Project Sponsor

Hull City Council


Old Town, Hull, HU1


Total Project Cost – £8,638,568

LGF Spend:

    • Contracted:  £3,000,000
    • Achieved to date – £3,000,000.00

Public Spend:

    • Contracted: £4,063,228
    • Achieved to date – £4,063,228.00

Private Spend:

    • Contracted: £1,575,340.00
    • Achieved to date – £1,575,340.00


New Jobs:

    • Contracted: 147
    • Achieved to date – 144.5

Safeguarded Jobs:

    • Contracted: 0
    • Achieved to date – 3

Construction Jobs:

    • Contracted: 132
    • Achieved to date – 132

Commercial floor space refurbished (m²):

    • Contracted: 0
    • Achieved to date – 2,390

Number of enterprises receiving grant support:

    • Contracted: 20
    • Achieved to date – 49


Approval Status

Business case approved

Delivery Status


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Last updated: April 4, 2022

All locations are approximate.